Genuine- Analytics AG is a laboratory focused on special diagnostics.

Our strength is our team of analytical experts working with different proprietary methods using our unique reference database of original wines.

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The development of the GA winePROOF method was supported by Innosuisse in an innovation project.


Genuine-Analytics brings many years of experience

Genuine-Analytics brings many years of experience to the table.

Our founder has many years of experience as an auctioneer and dealer in rare and valuable wines and coins.

In numismatics, coin authentication has become an indispensable standard procedure over the last decades.

For the authentication of rare and valuable wines there is still a gap in this respect, which we are now closing with our offer.

    Our Team
  • Jürg Richter: Wine Expert
  • Dr. Markus Ehrat: CEO, R and D
  • Dr. Patrick Sauter: CEO, M and S
  • Dr. Fabronia Murad: CSO

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Have your bottle of wine tested in an accurate, fast and cost-efficient procedure and receive a certificate of authenticity for each bottle analysed.

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